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Lucky’s Auto Credit was founded in December 2008 in Clearfield, Utah. There was a growing need for financing with low down payments in Utah, and the founders of Lucky’s decided to start the car dealership to address the need. It was quickly apparent that the small dealership was overwhelmed with customers looking for the service. It was the peak of the 2009 real estate and financial market crash and in general people were having a difficult time maintaining good credit and large down payments for cars.

Fast forward 10+ years and Lucky’s Auto Credit now has 3 locations, and is growing rapidly. We still have stuck to our roots of helping those with less than perfect credit obtain car loans with low down payments. At Lucky’s Auto Credit, we want to help people who have bad or no credit. By financing used cars for you, we can help you to build up your credit while giving you a vehicle that you need. We have a large selection of vehicles, a great staff, prices you can afford, and a way out of a difficult situation in life. People have continued to go to us for the benefits we offer and people do love what they can take away from our service. Using us will get you back on the street while building your credit back up to where it should be.

Having a poor or non-existent credit history can make it nearly impossible to get a vehicle. When trying to purchase one, you cannot go to many of the regular dealers. You cannot go to a name you know, a name that you have known for years now. You have to think outside the box. By visiting Lucky’s, you will have the chance to get a vehicle without worrying about your credit. Rather than focusing on your credit score, we focus on you. Credit plays no role in qualification here. If you get a vehicle, we can also improve your credit score by keeping all three credit bureaus up to date on your progress.

The reason we can do this is because we are a buy here pay here dealership. At Lucky’s Auto Credit, we provide the loans and we help you to get back on your feet. There is no third party involved. It is just you and us. Since there is only you and us, you do not have to worry about anyone else’s standards or expectations for your credit. We will consider qualification on our own without anyone else’s input. If you qualify for a vehicle from us, we will get you into one quickly and then help you to build up your credit.

There is a large selection of cars, trucks, and SUVs at Lucky’s Auto Credit, so check our used car inventory to find something that appeals to you. We get new inventory all the time, so come in an apply at our Ogden or Salt Lake City Dealership. We make it easy for you to get into your dream vehicle without a large amount of waiting or time. Small car or large SUV, we can help you to be happy in the vehicle that you are driving off of our lot.

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