Car Care Basics

Understanding the fundamentals of Car Care Basics

There are a variety of different reasons to care for your car, and because your main mode of transportation is your vehicle, any time that a breakdown happens and you are unable to drive, it can be very devastating to your overall budget. In order to decrease the number of repairs that your car needs, it is important to understand the basic steps to taking care of your car, both inside and out, so that you and your family can maintain a safe, reliable mode of transportation for work, school and any other activities that you participate in. This article will cover some of the car care basics that you can follow in order to ensure that your car will be up and running for the months ahead.

1. Check Fluids Regularly

There are a variety of different fluids that your vehicle needs in order to properly run at its maximum potential. From brake fluids that are nearly impossible to check by yourself without taking the time to learn about your car and manually removing parts of your car, to fluids such as oil and washer fluid that can be replaced easily by yourself by simply unscrewing the cap, the fluids running through the pipes inside your car are incredibly important to keep an eye on. If you are not car-savvy, then taking your car to your local trusted mechanic on a monthly or bi-monthly basis (depending on your usage of the vehicle) will help to keep your car running smoothly.

2. Check Tire Pressure

Checking your tire pressure will not only help you to avoid blowouts (when the tire is too low on air or has a foreign object lodged in it and the rubber rips apart,) but regularly checking your tire air pressure will help to keep your car’s wheel alignment on track.

3. Use Fuel Boosters

Using a fuel booster may be an extra expense now, but fuel boosters help to clean out your pipes, which allow you to get more from every gallon of gasoline that you put in your car. In addition to getting extra mileage, this also helps to prevent build-up inside your pipes, which can lead to the need for repairs and replacement hoses.

In addition to checking the mechanisms of your car, washing your car regularly and using a wax-sealant after washing does really help to keep your paint from chipping away, and keeps your car looking nice! Unless you are very car-savvy, then taking your car to a mechanic for maintenance every once in a while, in addition to following the car care basics, will help you to get more out of your oh-so-very important vehicle.

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