Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

Ensuring that your car works at its optimal performance, it is important that you are able to avoid a variety of common maintenance mistakes that many people make. Keeping your car in a good condition doesn’t take a lot of hard work, but it does require you to be aware of the many different warning signs that your car has, and be able to either work on the vehicle you own by yourself, or take the vehicle to a mechanic in order to have it serviced. This article will go over some of the common maintenance mistakes that so many people make, and ways that you can avoid making these mistakes yourself.

Ignoring Your Check Engine Light

The first mistake that many people make when driving is completely ignoring the check engine light that comes on when something is wrong. Although going over train tracks or bumps in the road can cause the light to come on, the light will stay on when there is something wrong with your vehicle. If you are not able to service your engine by yourself, then it is important that you take your vehicle to a mechanic who can perform maintenance on your engine soon after the check engine light comes on.

Forgetting About Tire Pressure

Checking your tire pressure is important in order to avoid blowouts that will not only ruin your tires, but will also change the alignment of your tires. Checking your tire pressure can be done easily by picking up a cheap tire pressure gauge from your local store, gas station or mechanic. When tire pressure gets low, going to a gas station and using the cheap air pumps that are available will help you to keep your tire pressure within the limits specified on the outside wall of each tire.

Missing Oil Changes

Missing oil changes can cause your engine to burn hotter, which not only wastes gas, but can also tear up the engine itself. Most mechanics place a small sticker on the driver’s side of the front windshield of your car that says how many miles you can drive before needing to replace your oil.

Neglecting Fluids

There are a variety of different fluids that your engine needs to run, such as brake fluid, washer fluid, anti-freeze and a variety of others that can be purchased at most gas stations. Neglecting these fluids can cause your car to run into a variety of problems that can leave you stranded on the side of the road. By simply replacing any lost fluid in your engine, or taking your vehicle to your local mechanic, you can avoid a variety of different repairs that could have otherwise been necessary.

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