How does it work?

Get Quick Approval on Used Car Loans – How does it work?

Lucky’s is a leader in Buy Here Pay Here lending in Utah, and is one of the fastest growing dealerships selling used cars and trucks in Utah! The reason is simple: We take great care of our customers, we help you with funding when everyone else turns you down, and our short term loans give you the opportunity to OWN the car you buy!

How long does it take?

The quickest way to know exactly how we can help is to visit one of our awesome locations and spend 5-10 minutes and complete an app. We don’t care about your credit, and approval is easy! We have a zero-pressure sales process because our #1 goal is to help you succeed!

How do I get Approved?

The process is simple, just come to one of our utah car dealerships or Apply Online to get started on getting a customized approval. This goes without saying, but it is very important and required that you can afford a payment within your situation and budget. We take the payment you can afford then determine what down payment is required to keep the payment where you can afford it. You have the option to upgrade your car if you can afford the payments and down payment. We are very motivated to help our customers succeed and would never put them in a bad situation with a payment they can’t afford.

Schedule an appointment today to come into the nearest location to get you started on the road to your new car purchase!

What should I bring in to get a quick approval on used car loans?

There are several important and easy things:  Utah driver’s license, proof of address (utility bill), and some sort of pay stub showing your income.  You can also get these later, but this will save you time to bring them in advance.


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* 77¢ down offer approval is based on job and residence stability, & ability to afford payments. While supplies last.

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