How to purchase a vehicle – What are the requirements?

What are the requirements for purchasing a vehicle at Lucky’s Auto Credit?

The requirements are EASY! To purchase a car at Lucky’s you will need a valid Utah Driver’s License, a piece of mail like a utility bill or something similar that shows evidence of your name and address, and your most recent pay stubs or proof of income. You will talk to one of our friendly sales professionals and we’ll show you vehicles that fit your budget and credit situation. It’s easy to understand how to purchase a vehicle at Lucky’s Auto Credit and it only takes a few minutes. We have very convenient utah dealership locations in Utah to serve you: Ogden and Salt Lake City.

Do I have to have Good Credit?

We don’t require good credit, or any credit at all. In fact, we don’t care about your credit history at all. Your approval is based on a stability assessment that your salesperson goes over with you. Most people are amazed an how much they qualify for, and how little money they need to put down.

Our Goal is to Help You

At Lucky’s Auto Credit we want the vehicle and the loan to fit your specific needs. Fill out an application here to see if you pre-qualify! It’s the easiest way how to purchase a vehicle with bad credit in Utah!

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