Low Down Payments

Low Down Payments

If you’re looking for a used car dealer in Utah that offers low down payments, you’ve found one of the best.  We specialize in low down payments and the average hovers around $77-$300 down.  A large amount of our customers get approved for $77 down.

What are the required down payments to buy a used car at Lucky’s Auto Credit?

Our locations start at a $77 low down payment. This depends on the vehicle you pick as well as a few other factors. For example, we want to make sure you can afford the car and the payments. The lower the down payment, the higher the monthly payment, so we help you by showing you if you make enough money to afford your payments. Our goal is to see our customers succeed!

Common questions we get when people come in with $77 down is that they expect to qualify for every car on the lot with that down payment. While we frequently do down payments on expensive cars for $77 down, it’s not always the case and it really depends on your income, stability, and job history.

Still Confused?

As an example, if you qualify for a $6,999 price car at $77 low down payment, but you decide you really want the 4-door 4×4 truck that costs $16,999.  If your budget can’t support the higher payment, then you’ll need to put more money down until the payment is affordable.  Some people do this with stored up savings, tax refunds, borrowed money from friends and family, or they save up over time. We never want to put a customer into a car they can’t afford.  That doesn’t help the customer, and it definitely doesn’t help us.

Ok, I get it.  Where do I start?

To know for sure, you just need to come in to one of the Utah car dealerships and do a 5 minute application. We’ll have you approved and let you know which cars you qualify for and explain our low down payments.

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