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Identity Fraud Protection

Useful Tips on Identity Fraud Protection

With the increased modernization and online tools available, one finds oneself in the centre of various kinds of frauds. And, one major fraud is the identity theft. These happen when a person obtains the personal information, like the credit card information, and other ID, for committing frauds. While, some frauds can be minor in nature, others can be quite dangerous. Well, due to the increase in these kind of frauds, there is a need for identity fraud protection.

Well, to provide the identity fraud protection to our customers, we have devised some products and services, with which, we can monitor the credit of our customers, and help you in protecting yourself from such frauds.

We give below some of the pre-requisites, which you should follow, so that you don’t fall a victim of identity frauds:

    • Safeguard the online information: With the increasing e-commerce, and online transactions, most of the banking and shopping happen online. So, it would be good to clear the logins and your passwords, after each transaction. And, this should be especially safeguarded when the transactions are done on a public computer. Change the login and password on a monthly basis.
    • Make payments through credit cards, instead of using net banking: Credit card transactions are governed under the Federal Law, and they are safer than the net banking services.
    • Be aware of the phishing activities: There are various hackers and spams, which mimic the legitimate banks, to obtain the personal information. Before entering the login and password, make sure that you are on the right website, which has the right security controls.
    • Monitor the credit card and bank statements: Keep checking your statements for finding anything unusual. If you find anything unusual, you can check up with your bank or credit card companies.
    If you are able to exercise some caution at your end, you would be doing yourself a great favour. Take out identity fraud protection services, if you would like more help with your identity protection. We provide the following benefits:
    • Our services would be useful for you, if you do a lot of online shopping and net banking.
    • Also, if you don’t have enough time for monitoring the information, our services can be quite useful.
    • We can provide the best identity fraud protection for you, and it will save you from a lot of headaches, and unnecessary hassles.

Visit our site, and find out other useful information on how you can benefit from our services.

Preventing Credit Fraud

Preventing Credit Fraud

Credit card fraud has become quite common, and it happens in various ways. Even though, preventing credit fraud might not always be easy, one can try to create obstacles so that it cannot be misused.

How Does Card Fraud Happen?

Well, it is quite easy, due to the growing use of technology and online transactions. Anybody can hack the net and get hold of the credit card numbers and other account information. In fact, the thieves can also get hold of the discarded credit card statements, and use the information for purchasing online.

So, How Can You Prevent Credit Fraud?

Well, all it takes for preventing credit fraud is to follow some practices in the daily routines, and daily lives:

    • Make a note of the account numbers, credit card numbers, expiration dates, and the phone numbers, so that you can report the fraud, when it happens.
    • Do not lend the credit card to anybody. And, don’t leave the card, statements or receipts anywhere. Try to shred the statements and receipts, when they are no longer required.
    • Do not reveal the account numbers to anybody over the phone.
    • Do not stuff the cards in the wallet. Try to keep them separately so that they do not get stolen along with everything else. If you have multiple cards, carry only what is required, and not everything else.
    • Keep a close watch on the card, when the card is being swiped in. Also, ensure that you retrieve the card back, soon after the transaction is done.
    • Never sign on blank receipts. And, try to save the receipt stubs so that you can compare them with the statement.
    • Keep checking your statement online, so that you can reconcile them, more promptly.
    • And, if you see any questionable charges, report it to the card issuer immediately.
    • Also, if there are any address changes, or travel plans, inform the card issuer.
    • Do not write the account number anywhere.
    • While using the public computer, try to remove the history so that the account number information does not get saved anywhere.

Well, these were some of the fool proof methods for preventing credit fraud. When you follow these steps, you would be able to remain safe and secured. And, in case your card gets lost or stolen, report it immediately to the card issuer, so that it gets blocked by the issuer, and is not misused further.

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