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Maintaining Car Belts and Hoses – Warning Signs

How to properly stay on top of Maintaining Car Belts and Hoses

The system of belts, belt tighteners and hoses that help your engine to function properly is comprised of a variety of different parts, each of which can be individually replaced. When your belts are nearing their limit, and they begin to crack, there are a variety of different warning signs that you can pick up on in order to replace the belts before the belt slips or breaks. The same is true for all of the hoses working in your engine to move fluids throughout your engine and the rest of your vehicle, as a hose that is beginning to break or will need to be replaced in the near future will usually lead to a jerking feeling inside the car, along with other symptoms of an old hose.

So, in order to help you to understand the warning signs, and to give you different signs to watch out for, this article will list some of the different symptoms of an old belt or old hose that needs to be replaced, so that you are able to visit a mechanic before you end up stranded on the side of the road.

Warning Signs of Belts

The V-Belts and Serpentine Belts that are moving inside of your engine usually control many of your car’s accessories, such as your alternator, power steering, cooling and heating fans, and water pump. When one of these belts begins to degrade to such as point that it snaps, a variety of costly repairs could be just around the corner.

In order to avoid having to pay for these repairs, listen for any type of squealing sound when you turn your vehicle on, or when using any of the accessories inside your car (especially your cooling and heating fans.)

Other Warning Signs of Hoses To Watch Out For

There are many different types of hoses that your vehicle uses in order to function properly. These hoses include the top radiator hose which is response for cooling the radiator, the bottom radiator hose that brings the cooled fluid to the water pump and then pushes it out to the engine, the bypass hose which pushes cool fluid from the water pump past the thermostat in your vehicle to regulate the temperature of your engine, and your heater hose that moves heated coolant to and from the heating system in the cab of your vehicle.

Warning signs for hoses include any type of cracks within the hoses in your engines, as well as any type of overheating of your engine. If a hose is near breaking, it can leak fluid, which will turn the temperature warning on that is located near your speedometer.

In summary, Maintaining Car Belts and Hoses can save you money, prolong the life of your car, and prevent a LOT of headaches.

Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

Ensuring that your car works at its optimal performance, it is important that you are able to avoid a variety of common maintenance mistakes that many people make. Keeping your car in a good condition doesn’t take a lot of hard work, but it does require you to be aware of the many different warning signs that your car has, and be able to either work on the vehicle you own by yourself, or take the vehicle to a mechanic in order to have it serviced. This article will go over some of the common maintenance mistakes that so many people make, and ways that you can avoid making these mistakes yourself.

Ignoring Your Check Engine Light

The first mistake that many people make when driving is completely ignoring the check engine light that comes on when something is wrong. Although going over train tracks or bumps in the road can cause the light to come on, the light will stay on when there is something wrong with your vehicle. If you are not able to service your engine by yourself, then it is important that you take your vehicle to a mechanic who can perform maintenance on your engine soon after the check engine light comes on.

Forgetting About Tire Pressure

Checking your tire pressure is important in order to avoid blowouts that will not only ruin your tires, but will also change the alignment of your tires. Checking your tire pressure can be done easily by picking up a cheap tire pressure gauge from your local store, gas station or mechanic. When tire pressure gets low, going to a gas station and using the cheap air pumps that are available will help you to keep your tire pressure within the limits specified on the outside wall of each tire.

Missing Oil Changes

Missing oil changes can cause your engine to burn hotter, which not only wastes gas, but can also tear up the engine itself. Most mechanics place a small sticker on the driver’s side of the front windshield of your car that says how many miles you can drive before needing to replace your oil.

Neglecting Fluids

There are a variety of different fluids that your engine needs to run, such as brake fluid, washer fluid, anti-freeze and a variety of others that can be purchased at most gas stations. Neglecting these fluids can cause your car to run into a variety of problems that can leave you stranded on the side of the road. By simply replacing any lost fluid in your engine, or taking your vehicle to your local mechanic, you can avoid a variety of different repairs that could have otherwise been necessary.

Preventing Credit Fraud

Preventing Credit Fraud

Credit card fraud has become quite common, and it happens in various ways. Even though, preventing credit fraud might not always be easy, one can try to create obstacles so that it cannot be misused.

How Does Card Fraud Happen?

Well, it is quite easy, due to the growing use of technology and online transactions. Anybody can hack the net and get hold of the credit card numbers and other account information. In fact, the thieves can also get hold of the discarded credit card statements, and use the information for purchasing online.

So, How Can You Prevent Credit Fraud?

Well, all it takes for preventing credit fraud is to follow some practices in the daily routines, and daily lives:

    • Make a note of the account numbers, credit card numbers, expiration dates, and the phone numbers, so that you can report the fraud, when it happens.
    • Do not lend the credit card to anybody. And, don’t leave the card, statements or receipts anywhere. Try to shred the statements and receipts, when they are no longer required.
    • Do not reveal the account numbers to anybody over the phone.
    • Do not stuff the cards in the wallet. Try to keep them separately so that they do not get stolen along with everything else. If you have multiple cards, carry only what is required, and not everything else.
    • Keep a close watch on the card, when the card is being swiped in. Also, ensure that you retrieve the card back, soon after the transaction is done.
    • Never sign on blank receipts. And, try to save the receipt stubs so that you can compare them with the statement.
    • Keep checking your statement online, so that you can reconcile them, more promptly.
    • And, if you see any questionable charges, report it to the card issuer immediately.
    • Also, if there are any address changes, or travel plans, inform the card issuer.
    • Do not write the account number anywhere.
    • While using the public computer, try to remove the history so that the account number information does not get saved anywhere.

Well, these were some of the fool proof methods for preventing credit fraud. When you follow these steps, you would be able to remain safe and secured. And, in case your card gets lost or stolen, report it immediately to the card issuer, so that it gets blocked by the issuer, and is not misused further.

Tire Care Tips

Tire Care Tips

Your tires are one of the most important parts of your car, aside from the engine of course, and taking care of your tires is completely necessary to avoid much of the extra stress on your paycheck that car repairs can cause. There are a few basic steps to taking care of your tires that go further than simply checking the pressure every once in a while. If you are not very car-savvy, then some of these steps may be better handled by a mechanic, but the first couple of steps will be easy for anyone to complete. This article will cover the basic steps of taking care of your tires, and ensuring that you get the most miles possible out of every set of tires that you purchase.

1. Check Your Tire Pressure

The first step to taking care of your tires is to always keep an eye on the overall tire pressure. In order to check your tire pressure, purchase an air pressure gauge (which can be found in most stores, gas stations, or at any mechanic,) remove the cap covering your valve stem (the small copper piece sticking out of your tire that you pump air into,) then push the air pressure gauge onto the valve stem. The pressure gauge will then push a small measuring stick out of the bottom of the gauge (or display your tire pressure on an LCD screen.) In order to find the air pressure that your tire should be at, simply look along the outside wall of your tires, in order to find the air pressure pounds per square inch that your tire should be inflated to.

2. Check for Any Abrasions

Checking for any abrasions or cracks on your car tires can help you to avoid running into any problems later on down the road. Even if the crack in the rubber composing your tire is rather small, purchasing a rubber sealant or taking your vehicle to your local mechanic will reduce your chances of having a blowout.

3. Watch for Nails or Foreign Objects

Checking the part of your each tire that rolls along the road (where the threading is located) for any type of foreign objects such as nails, glass or any other type of foreign objects that have punctures your tires. If there is a foreign object puncturing your tire, remove the tire and place your spare tire on your vehicle, then take your tire to a local tire shop. Never remove the object yourself, or you risk losing all of the air pressure in your tire, and possible ruining any chance of sealing the area that has been punctured.

What is a Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealership?

What is a Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealership?

Purchasing a vehicle is not always easy. One of the hardest things to do when you have bad or no credit is purchase a vehicle. You may try and you may have the funds, but a lender is not going to trust you because of your credit history, or lack thereof. When you desperately need a vehicle, this can leave you stranded and without any assistance. Visiting a buy here pay here car dealership, though, can help. This will give you the chance to purchase a used car without worrying about a third party lender having any say in whether you can purchase it.

This type of dealership does not use a third party lender. Typically, the third party lender is the one that does not want to lend to people with bad or no credit. It is their money on the line, after all, and their only priority is getting a good return on their investment. To determine who will make the best investment, they only have your credit report to look at and to judge. If your credit report does not meet their standards, it is unlikely that they will give you anything. They will not view you as a solid, reliable, and profitable investment.

A buy here pay here car dealership makes the choice alone. Usually, instead of looking at credit, they will look at other factors, such as income. This type of dealership does not look at credit at all. When trying to purchase a vehicle when you have no or poor credit, this is your best option. You can increase the likelihood of acceptance and you can get a vehicle that you like. It is easy to do, too. It is exactly like your average dealership, but you pay directly to the dealership and your car loan comes directly from them. It eliminates any third party involvement in the purchase.

It is safe to use a buy here pay here car dealership. This is one of the best options on the market because of the possibilities available. If you have never heard of one of these car dealerships, but stand to gain from their services, you may want to start using one. This will give you access to the funds that you need to make a purchase as well as the vehicles that you will actually want to drive. It is entirely safe to use, as well.

Buy Here Pay Here – How does it work?

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