Lucky’s Auto Credit Review

I’ll be honest and say I had my worries about using a BHPH dealership. I checked a LOT of them because after divorce/bankruptcy my credit is in the toilet. Most of the dealers cars were terrible high mileage stuff fit for a wreckers yard. But I was impressed with the selection luckys had when I visited them. Yes I expected to pay a little more for a vehicle than at a standard dealers. Let’s face it if your credits crap your not getting a 2.9% apr. I test drove a couple of vehicles I thought would fit what I was looking for and decided on a 00 Suburban. Normal miles for its year really good condition inside and out. No pressure salesman Brian let us take out for a test drive twice that night. Did the paperwork, got a good deal on it with the 50/50 warranty and free safety/IM for the length of the loan and left there happy.
It developed a trans fault on the way home that night. Contacted Brian and had it back to them the next day. Was diagnosed with a bad trans which they replaced with no charge to me. Also did a free alignment and replaced a bad tire.
So my experience was nothing short of excellent. and based on my dealing with them, I would recommend Luckys to anyone with credit issues looking for a vehicle.

Gaz Graham