Winter Driving Car Maintenance

Winter Driving Car Maintenance

When the cold season hits, and the roads begin to turn to ice, Winter driving maintenance is incredibly important in order to ensure that your car is not only prepared for the Winter and ready for the icy roads, but is also going to continue starting without any type of difficulties on cold, snowy mornings. Of course, not every city gets snow over the Winter, but even for cities that simply have a temperature drop during this blustery season, Winter driving maintenance still helps to protect your car from suffering over the Winter time, as well as saving you time every morning when ice does build up on your windshield.

This article will cover a basic checklist that you can follow in order to prepare your car for the winter, and keep your vehicle running smoothly until warmer weather arrives once again.

Check Your Anti-Freeze Levels

Most vehicles have the radiator flushed every spring, so by the time winter comes around, many times the Anti-Freeze level and 50/50 balance of Anti-Freeze and Water has been thrown off. The first step to preparing your vehicle for winter is to check the Anti-Freeze levels in your vehicle, in order to ensure that your radiator continues working as it should.

Check Tire Tread

When the roads become slick the only thing that is going to keep you from sliding on the ice is the depth of the tread on your tires. The National Highway Transportation Safety Board recommends have 2/32″ of tread depth during the winter, although having more tread in your tires is never a bad thing. If you have less than 2/32″ of tread depth, and your tires are nearly bald, it is important to purchase new tires in order to ensure that your vehicle and your family is safe on the slick or icy roads.

Check Your Washer Fluid

In order to avoid having icy windows that take forever to scrape each morning, ensuring that your washer fluid has anti-freeze in it will allow you to simply use your wipers to clear your windshield, in most cases.

Replace Your Wipers

Because your wipers will need to stand up to both ice and snow during the Winter, purchasing new wipers for your vehicle will help to ensure that your wipers are able to scrape away ice (with the help of your washer fluid) and clear your windows in the morning, and during snowy times.

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